2011-5-1 9:05 Story of mystery of ‘ Fragrance ‘

Parfum was made in Mr.Tuji Daisuke of Fragrance Designer who ended in Kyoto for me the other day.

It was Friday. He worked so that the Parfum might harmonize by the table of my atelier. Thus, ‘ Korobotukuru-no-Mor i’ that was reflected in the photograph was completed.Fragrance of a lot of Parfum still used yesterday remained, and the room of next day’s atelier was not able to judge the effect.

And, I was convinced today. ‘Korobotukuru-no-mori’ that he made as my Parfum : about the result of saying it the sublime of the air of my atelier.I think it to be a wonderful thing.I think that I will observe Fragrance what change to bring the physical condition in the future.